Our Mob Programming Team Interviewed on .NET Rocks

We have finally hit the big time!!!

Our Mob Programming Team has been interviewed by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell.

We had a lot of fun, and want to give a HUGE thank-you to Carl and Richard: THANK YOU!  It was a wonderful experience for us, and we really appreciate the chance to share our style of work with the .NET Rocks audience.

Here is a link to the interview:  http://www.dotnetrocks.com/default.aspx?showNum=912

And here is a link to a few interesting articles here:

Mob Programming Basics: http://mobprogramming.org/mob-programming-basics/

3 minute time-lapse video of a full day of us working as a Mob: http://mobprogramming.org/mob-programming-time-lapse-video-a-day-of-mob-programming/

Thanks for visiting!!!

Get a good start with mob programming

Author: Per Jansson

A Note From Woody: This is a guest article provided by Per Jansson.  It was posted on his blog and he has graciously allowed us to reproduce it here.

Here is a link to his blog: http://pichdude.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/get-a-good-start-with-mob-programming/

Thanks Per!!!

This is the story about how we in our development team used mob programming as a way to develop software.

Introduction to mob programming

I’m going to start by quoting Marcus Hammarberg, an excellent colleague of mine at Aptitud, since he describes the core of mob programming in a good way:

”The basic concept of mob programming is simple: the entire team works as a team together on one task at the time. That is: one team – one (active) keyboard – one screen (projector of course). It’s just like doing full-team pair programming.”

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Mob Programming – Your Way

Nimble Thoughts by Dexter Baga

What is Mob Programming?

“Mob Programming” is simply a name we coined to describe/define what we do in our daily development tasks that allows us to be agile. We are a “Mob” since the entire team are always together, in the same room, walking together to meet a customer, making decisions together – essentially doing things together every time.

What it’s Not.

A large part of Mob Programming is about a mindset of making it easier to innovate and as a result we come up with good solutions. Mob Programming is not a set of processes that anybody can just adapt and expect the same “great” results. Continue reading ‘Mob Programming – Your Way’ »

Mob Programming: What about Ego?

What about Ego?

Today during the Mob Programming session at Agile 2013(#Agile2013) we were asked the question

“Does the Mob have to deal with issues related to Ego?”

Agile 2013 Mob Programming Talk

The Egotistic Developer

In my experiences in previous jobs, egotism came into play when a developer or manager attempted to push a personal agenda related to a decision suggested to the rest of the team and is unwilling to back down from that decision when it is questioned by that team. Continue reading ‘Mob Programming: What about Ego?’ »

Mob Programming Presentation and Dojo Session Video

By Woody Zuill

The folks at vNext OC recorded the Mob Programming presentation and session I held at the April 10th 2013 meeting in Newport Beach, California.

The video covers the presentation, and the first 20 minutes of the coding dojo part of the session.

If you have nothing to do for the next few hours, please take a look:   Continue reading ‘Mob Programming Presentation and Dojo Session Video’ »

How does the mob get away with no estimates?

How much do you estimate to get across?

Does the mob really use no estimates?

In the time that we have done development as a mob we have done no estimates for management. We value our time as a mob highly and spending that time making guesses about how long it would take us to do something rather than using that time to accomplish that goal does not make sense.  Continue reading ‘How does the mob get away with no estimates?’ »

The Power of Retrospection

By Woody Zuill

What’s the most important “Agile Practice”? : Do Regular Retrospectives. Getting good at retrospectives is well worth the effort.

The basic idea is to take a look at how things are going, decide on some thing (or things) to make better, decide on action(s) to take, take the action(s), and then repeat the whole thing sometime soon.

We do frequent retrospectives. As a team, we like to reflect, tune, and adjust every chance we get.

We did a retrospective back in August about “pain points” with the purpose of identifying things that were daily “pains” for us.

This is what the affinity groupings and other “artifacts” looked like over a few months (Aug. 8 to Oct. 25).  I’ll cover a little of each below.

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Happiness – A Guest Article by Llewellyn Falco

Llewellyn Falco has visited our Mob Programming team many times.  I asked Llewellyn if he could write a guest article for us about his experience with Mob Programming, and here it is.  Thanks Llewellyn!

I have had a different experience.

I sat with a team that was happy, joyful even. They were hopeful, energetic and engaged. There was a high level of trust and respect for everyone in the team. People felt safe to voice ideas and suggestions, and when weakness were shown, they were acknowledged without ridicule. The team even set aside time each day to help other members of the team become stronger in the areas they needed improvement in.

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Jim McCarthy Visits The Mob

McCarthy Bootcamp

This week Jim and Michele McCarthy brought the McCarthy Bootcamp to San Diego (with the help of the amazing Erik Meade, and perhaps a few other local Agilists).

This post isn’t about the Bootcamp or the Core Protocol – which are well worth reading about and experiencing.  You can learn more about these and the McCarthy Show at their website: http://www.mccarthyshow.com/ – I particularly recommend you watch the 23 rules videos: http://www.mccarthyshow.com/the-23-rules-of-thumb/

Anyway, this post isn’t about the Bootcamp or the Core Protocol – it’s just about how jazzed I am to have had Jim Visit the Mob for a bit on Thursday.

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