Mob Programming Conference 2018

The third Mob Programming Conference is happening April 12 & 13 at the Microsoft Center in Burlington, MA.

I will activate these links as soon as we have the conference website and Eventbrite enabled for 2018:

Conference Website

Eventbrite Registration

I’m really excited to be working with Nancy Van Schooenderwoert and Llewellyn Falco to organize this gathering.

Learn by Doing

Mob Programming is a fairly new concept. This conference offers you a good grasp of it with a mix of talks, trying it out, and discussing with your peers. We’ll mostly be doing hands-on Mob Programming sessions at a variety of skill and experience levels, and in several programming languages.

Mob Programming Workshop

Woody Zuill (me) will be facilitating a Mob Programming Workshop that has been shared all over the world over the past 3 years.

Expert Mentors and Coaches

We have invited a number of very capable Mob Programmers who have been innovating with this idea for several years (These are last years Moberators, I’ll update this as we confirm this years folks):

  • Lennart Fridén (Agical – Sweden)
  • Alex Wilson (Unruly – England)
  • Aaron Griffith (Hunter – USA)
  • Nancy Van Shooenderwoert (Agile-Lean Partners – USA)
  • Llewellyn Falco (Freelancer – Finland and USA)
  • Woody Zuill (Independent Agile Guide – USA).

They will be facilitating Mob Programming Sessions so you will have expert guidance as you join in with other “Mobbers” to work on interesting exercises.

A Mix of Activites and Sessions

While most of our time will be spent on actual coding and working together, we’ll also have a few talks (a Keynote and an Endnote), some retrospectives, some open space style sessions, and some Lean Coffee sessions.  In other words, this will be a powerful, hands-on 2 days of learning and sharing.

This is “immersion training meets powerful questions”. Learn by doing, then have just the right amount of reflection and talk to fuel another round of immersion learning.

We are hoping to have a track for Managers, Executives, and Leaders as well. I’ll update this as we flesh that out.

Agile Games Conference

The Mob Programming Conference is being done in conjunction with the Agile Games Conference.  Agile Games is on April 9, 10, and 11 at the same location. Both events are hosted by Agile New England – one of the best Agile groups I’ve ever attended.

Here is a link to the Agile Games website: Agile Games Boston

Here’s a link to the Agile New England site: Agile New England

Please Join Us

Join us for two days of workshops and peer learning with talks from the originators and founders of Mob Programming. I hope to see you there!

Let’s get “All the brilliant people, working on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer.“